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Project Management

Each one of our projects is assigned a Project Manager who will oversee all phases of the building process. Making sure that plans are implemented accurately, on time and within scope.

Every project has a specific plan, strategy, budget and scope. Each project will have a designated Project Manager whose responsibility it is to ensure that plans and strategies are implemented accurately, within scope and budget and on time. What isn’t really new is the fact that your PM should have a good understanding of the project you are working on. Even the most integral part: communicating it to everyone involved in the various stages and activities involved in the project.

Apart from knowing the objective, our Project Managers master the art of overseeing the construction. During the construction time, our Project Managers closely monitor activities and tasks to ensure safety, efficiency and that plans are being implemented correctly. The Project Manager is also responsible for making sure there aren’t any delays while construction is being performed. Ensuring that all subcontractors are completing their assignments and providing sufficient time for administration to review and respond to the project.

Additionally, it is the duty of our Project Managers to coordinate with appropriate departments, acquire permits, and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Regardless of the size of your building, our PM’s are well equipped and skillful in all areas and will ensure that you are communicated with regularly and that you are educated on the purpose and construction of your building.

Explore Our Other Services

Roof Consulting

Our Roof Consulting Experts will provide you with guidance on the design, installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of roofs. Click to learn more about our Roof Consulting and how we can help you.

Pavement Consulting

Our team are experts in the preservation and maintenance of infrastructure like roads and pavements. We use advanced techniques to monitor, audit, and plan for pavement rehabilitation and replacement projects. Click to learn more about our Pavement Consulting.

Building Envelope Consulting

Building Envelope consulting encompasses the entire exterior of your home or building. This includes foundations, insulations, windows and doors, roofing, etc. Our team of experts will ensure that your building is thoroughly inspected from top to bottom.

Plans & Specifications + Site Review During Construction

All of our projects include detailed Site Plans and Specifications developed by our team of Project Managers for your records. Click to learn more about our process.

Leak Investigations

Expert monitoring of water flow through pipelines. From small leaks to large leaks, it’s essential to detect any problems before they arise. Learn more about how we conduct our leak investigations.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography allows us to detect temperature distribution not visible to the naked eye. This helps us in moisture, roof and energy-loss inspections. Click to learn more about Infrared Thermography and how it is beneficial in our inspections.

Visual Condition Assessment

Our first order of business when conducting a Structural Condition Assessment is to carry out an onsite Visual Condition Assessment. Visual Condition Assessments consists of inspecting the primary systems of a building, surveying for obvious damage and deterioration and more. Click here to learn about our Visual Condition Assessments.

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