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Plans & Specifications + Site Review During Construction

Plans & Specifications

All of our projects include detailed Site Plans and Specifications developed by our team of Project Managers for your records. These plans are important for ensuring that construction standards are met while also meeting your needs. Building plans typically contain detailed technical documents which describe adjustments, procedures, quantities of materials, and more. This is all in order to ensure that the work being done will adequately meet construction standards as well as your expectations. These plans also ensure effective and efficient communication between the build team and consistency.

Our team of experts use plans and specifications in order to accurately arrange the necessary repairs, modifications, renovations and improvements pertaining to existing and new buildings. This document, when contrasted with others, allows you to compare rates and contractors more easily. Informed decisions can be made based on this information, often yielding a better quality of work at a fair price, providing quality standards for contractors to meet, aiding in the avoidance of unplanned and unnecessary costs or changes and can even help you acquire a construction loan.

Site Review During Construction

Our team conducts Site Reviews during the construction phase to establish that quality and safety procedures are followed correctly from beginning to end as well as ensuring that all plans and specifications are being carried out accurately. It’s important to inspect the site before any work begins to make sure there are no issues but also to inspect the site during construction. As our processes involve the use of many different materials and machinery, there is a high volume of activity, therefore regular site reviews are crucial to ensure efficiency, safety and appropriate results.

The size of the project determines the number of people involved in our Site Reviews. Inspectors may come from different trades, like sustainability, waste management, and accessibility. These specialists are called on to make sure that all areas of construction are accounted for during review. Smaller projects may only need one inspector, but larger ones may require multiple. Our review checklist includes but is not limited to:

  • Review of work progress compliance with plan and specifications
  • Review of work quality and compliance standards and specifications
  • Review of materials delivered and used
  • Performing mid-way and final reviews upon project completion
  • Monitoring of completion works
  • Handover review upon completion


Our job during this phase is to ensure that safety protocols are followed, design and construction plans are implemented accurately and that your needs/expectations are met.

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