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Leak Investigations

Oops! Found a leak? We provide expert monitoring and inspection of leaks and water pooling. From small leaks to large leaks, it’s essential to detect any problems before they arise as untreated leaks can eventually destroy the structure of your building.

Water leaks in commercial buildings can be a huge hassle. The best way to prevent them is to invest in routine inspection and regular waterproofing maintenance. It’s also important to repair any potential problems as soon as possible, as they can cause a lot of damage and cost a fortune to fix.

There are many components that could be the source of a leak. For example, roofs, walls and even mechanical/electrical panels can collect moisture. Our crew will take photos of your roof and other areas where moisture occurs and create a detailed report based on our findings. We then follow the water back to the source. If needed, we open up interior or exterior walls, drill into a foundation wall, or do a dye test.

Some of the most common leak detection methods include infrared thermography, visual inspection, a water test and in certain conditions destructive openings can be done. We basically put everything in places to find where and how the leak occurs and recommends repairs. Based on what leak issues you’re experiencing, our team will determine the most effective method for detection.

Here are some tell tale signs that you need a leak investigation:

• Mold/Mildew. Damp spots lead to mold. Simple!
• Warped/Discoloured walls may mean that you have a leak within your walls which can be damaging to the overall foundation of your building.

If you experience any of these signs or others not listed here that may be of concern, call us! Our team of experts will help you find the source of the leak and provide you with the best practises and services to fix the problem.

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