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Building Envelope Consulting

Our team can offer you a turnkey solution to your problems from the inspection of your asset to the preparation of technical documents for the tendering phase to quality assurance site review during construction.

Visual Condition Assessment

The composition of exterior walls varies from building to building. A multitude of anomalies can be present throughout a building’s façade, which can result in heat loss, water infiltration, deterioration of precast panel anchors, etc. The early detection and correction of these anomalies is paramount to maintaining your building in good condition. Our team can identify + provide recommended repairs to the anomalies in their early stages to help you prevent the premature deterioration of your building’s components. In the event where remedial repairs may be required, we can provide you with a phased-out rehabilitation plan to meet your budgetary constraints.

Leak Investigation (Water/Air)

The presence of an active water/air infiltration through a building’s façade can become very problematic for a landlord or his tenant. The water/air can not only damage the building’s components and result in the presence of mould, but it can also reduce the functionality of the building and create losses to revenue. With the help of years of experience and various types of leak detection equipment and methods, our team can detect and locate the water/air infiltration as a first step to correcting the problem.

Infrared Scan Analysis (Thermography)

An infrared scan analysis is an important tool when attempting to locate heat losses emanating from a building’s façade. The thermography mandate would include the execution of verification cut tests to confirm the findings and attempt to determine the course of action regarding corrective measures. The Level II certification of our team provides our clients comfort in our competence and ability to interpret thermograms according to the specific conditions of their building.

Preparation of technical documents for the tendering phase and quality assurance site review during construction

If remedial repairs are required, our team has the ability to prepare technical documents for the tendering phase for a wide range of projects. The documents consist of a text portion describing the specified materials and their installation methods as well as new construction details. The documents ensure that all bidding contractors are submitting pricing for the same mandate.

The quality assurance site review during construction consists of daily visits to ensure the contractor adheres to the requirements of the technical documents. The visits also allow us to work closely with the contractor to navigate through any unforeseen situations which may arise during construction.

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